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Product Spotlight: Flea and Tick Powder

Durvet’s Flea and Tick Powder is a versatile Pyrethrin insecticide powder that provides a quick kill! Product size: 8 oz. shaker canister Approved for use in, but not limited to: homes, institutions, food/feed plants, poultry houses, and many other listed areas. Benefits: May be used in treating lice, fleas, and ticks on dogs and cats* [...]

Will Full Spectrum Hemp Oil be a Big Opportunity for Dealers?

Retail sales of hemp products for humans in the U.S. were nearly $700 million in 2016, and have grown at 10 to 20 percent annually since 2011. “So it is no secret why key supporters in Congress have pushed the legalization of U.S. hemp production,” says Clara Fenger, DVM, principal of Equine Internal Medicine Consulting, [...]

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To Grandmother’s House We Go

It’s the busiest time of the year! With all the hustle and bustle, we often forget to take into consideration our pets accommodations until the last minute. Remembering this time of year can also be stressful for those furry family members, it’s always important to have your pet's plans prepared in advance. To ensure your [...]

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Taco’s Test Kitchen – Pumpkin Pup Treats

Fall has arrived in the Midwest and with it, pumpkins!  Pumpkin decorations, pumpkin pie, pumpkin donuts and the perennial favorite - #PSL! Nothing makes a fall day cozier than the smell of fresh-baked pumpkin pie wafting from the kitchen. But as a busy mom of 2 girls and 2 fur-boys, my schedule – not to mention [...]

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More Than Just a Service Dog

Have you ever seen a cute dog wearing a vest out in public and wanted to run over to pet it? As a natural dog lover, who barked before she talked, this is always an internal struggle for me. While they are cute - often fluffy - dogs who sport vests, these are a special [...]

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Pet Insurance – Finding out the Hard Way

Recently I wrote about Storm, the newest addition to our home, and the joy this little puppy provided our family.  Anything Storm chewed up, carried off or got into was forgiven because he did not know better and/or we needed to better train him.  I’m sure you are aware, puppies will chew on anything, eat [...]

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Don’t Shop. Adopt! Understand the Importance of Pet Adoption

Did you know that approximately 7.6 million companion animals enter animal shelters nationwide every year? Of those, approximately 3.9 million are dogs and 3.4 million are cats. Only 10% of those animals received by shelters have been spayed or neutered.  As a result, it causes overpopulation and an excess of animals killed annually. There’s a [...]

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A Dog’s Best Friend: EQyss’ New Elite Conditioning Shampoo

Take a look at this happy girl… while she’s having the time of her life running in and out of the water, she’s also becoming a wet, sandy, filthy mess, with me thinking “You’re not coming in the house like that!” Little does she know a nice, soapy bath is in store for her later. [...]

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