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Winter Dysentery in Dairy Cattle

Winter has set in and dairy farmers must be prepared to deal with winter dysentery.  It is a highly contagious GI disorder commonly affecting herds in tight quarters and is mostly seen during the colder months. Recent research shows that winter dysentery is often caused by a specific strain of Coronavirus that seems to attack the [...]

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Product Spotlight: Healthy Calf

New Look & Now Includes Durazyme Powder!  Do you want an easy-to-use, all natural, non-medicated product designed to promote digestive health and supplement new calves These four (4) paste formulations provide an alternative therapy to help calves get off to a healthy start! If you are looking for a product that can be mixed with water or milk replacer, Durazyme [...]

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Drought Challenges for Livestock Producers

This year’s drought conditions across a lot of the US is forcing livestock producers to re-evaluate how they manage their herds and how they feed. Nutrient deficient forages will cause a number of issues within the cowherd if not managed properly.  An adequate supply of both energy and protein is essential for the overall health [...]

By | September 29th, 2018|Livestock, Trending Topics|0 Comments

Internal Parasites Threaten Herd Performance and Profits

Internal parasites can wreak havoc on your herd. That’s why an effective deworming program is an essential cornerstone of your herd health plan. Strategic deworming starts with understanding the life cycle of these pesky parasites and the effects they can have on cattle. How cattle get parasites It's important to understand that a parasite lives [...]

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Show Time! Tips to Keep Livestock Cool

It’s fair season at your local county and state fairs and dang, it’s hot! Rolling into August and September reminds us of fair season. Kids in 4-H and FFA are busy getting their animals prepped for the season. In many parts of the country, they have experienced hotter than usual temperatures this summer. To keep [...]

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Understanding Clostridia: A sneaky bacteria

Vaccination vital to prevent blackleg and other clostridial diseases in livestock Several life-threatening livestock diseases are caused by bacteria called clostridia. These diseases are extremely aggressive and nearly always fatal. As a responsible animal owner, there are many ways to provide the best care for your stock when it comes to clostridial diseases – among them, vaccination is [...]

The Benefits of Reduced or Low-Stress Livestock Handling

Handling livestock, whether to provide routine care or for treatment of sickness, is a common and often unavoidable part of livestock production. However, there are instances where handling can be avoided, and it is important to be aware of the performance effects that livestock handling may have. Why low stress and non-handling matters There’s plenty [...]

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Modern Bovine Products: All-Natural Ingredients That Match or Outperform Antibiotics

The Durvet staff, along with several of our vendor partners, have been planning for the changes in VFD and antibiotic laws…and the decline and departure of use of antibiotics…since the upcoming changes were first announced several years ago. Working with our vendor partners we’ve sourced modern technologies to utilize all-natural ingredients that match or outperform [...]

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Understanding Copper Deficiencies

Trace element availability is influenced by season, geographic location, soil type and type of forage. Generally, fewer trace elements are present in fast-growing forages, and trace elements can be tied up more often when higher levels of soil are taken in, while grazing or from when forages are made. Signs of copper deficiency can be [...]

By | September 12th, 2017|Guest Bloggers, Livestock|0 Comments

Antibiotics Update: Will New Administration Try to Mitigate Rules on Antibiotics Usage in Food Animal Production?

The short answer: probably not. Furthermore, dealers shouldn’t change their preparations to comply with the new rules governing the judicious use of antibiotics in food animal production, as we have been stressing for more than a year in ProfitBuilder. President Obama and his administration’s strategy to restrict the use of antibiotics in agriculture went into [...]

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