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Proven Protection Against Deadly Newcastle Disease

Now more than ever, it’s critical that all poultry owners are practicing good biosecurity to protect their birds. With 26 new cases of Virulent Newcastle (vND) disease reported by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) during the week of Jan 25-31 and a total 340 cases reported since May 18, 2018, BIOSECURITY is the best [...]

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Internal Parasites Threaten Herd Performance and Profits

Internal parasites can wreak havoc on your herd. That’s why an effective deworming program is an essential cornerstone of your herd health plan. Strategic deworming starts with understanding the life cycle of these pesky parasites and the effects they can have on cattle. How cattle get parasites It's important to understand that a parasite lives [...]

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Understanding Clostridia: A sneaky bacteria

Vaccination vital to prevent blackleg and other clostridial diseases in livestock Several life-threatening livestock diseases are caused by bacteria called clostridia. These diseases are extremely aggressive and nearly always fatal. As a responsible animal owner, there are many ways to provide the best care for your stock when it comes to clostridial diseases – among them, vaccination is [...]

A Dog’s Best Friend: EQyss’ New Elite Conditioning Shampoo

Take a look at this happy girl… while she’s having the time of her life running in and out of the water, she’s also becoming a wet, sandy, filthy mess, with me thinking “You’re not coming in the house like that!” Little does she know a nice, soapy bath is in store for her later. [...]

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They’re A Natural: EQyss Provides Botanical Grooming Solutions for Over 25 Years

It’s that time of year. Summer. Heat, dust, and flying insects are a big part of most of our days as equestrians, and we’re constantly reaching for fly spray to ward them off or for the shampoo bucket, not only to get that show ring shine, but also to cool our horses. But do you [...]

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A Story About Green Thumbs and the Durvet Difference

At Durvet, we pride ourselves on being different. Our core values are centered on providing superior customer service and focusing on people. We strive to make personal connections at all levels of our business from vendors to distributor members and consumers. These connections further our efforts to provide superior customer service. About 10 years ago, [...]

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