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My Durvet 24/7 and Durvet’s Online Facelift: Phase 1 of 3

“Durvet gets a facelift” has been the recent motto around the Blue Springs offices as we’re making exciting new online changes. The first phase, launched in August, is our brand new and shiny My Durvet 24/7 website. Durvet’s 24/7 platform was created 13 years ago as a tool to help better serve our members, providing [...]

What I Learned from My Summer Internship with Durvet

To begin this blog, I will first introduce myself so you can get a small background of why I’m writing this. My name is Brittany Couch and I’m currently a Senior at the University of Central Missouri. I’m an Agriculture Business major with an emphasis in animal science. A requirement for me to graduate is [...]

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A Story About Green Thumbs and the Durvet Difference

At Durvet, we pride ourselves on being different. Our core values are centered on providing superior customer service and focusing on people. We strive to make personal connections at all levels of our business from vendors to distributor members and consumers. These connections further our efforts to provide superior customer service. About 10 years ago, [...]

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Here We….GROW….Again!

Durvet prides itself on our unique approach to how we do business. Our primary goal is providing top-notch customer service to ALL of our customers throughout the distribution chain. To accomplish this goal, we must continually identify needs within the company that best position us to serve our distributor members and their customers. So, with [...]

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Smart Leadership: Work-Life Balance Equals Higher Financial Performance

A key attribute you want in an employee is motivation. That personal virtue in a worker is a vital cog in the gears that keep your business running smoothly. Another personal trait, however – the ability of staff members to balance their work and home (or after hours) lives – can be a bigger contributor [...]

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Sales Pro 2017: Coming Again Like Ground Hogs Day

Summer is fast approaching and once again Durvet is in full preparation for the annual get-together we call Sales Pro. I’ve been at this for so long that it’s beginning to feel like I’m in the movie “Groundhog Day”. The good part is I feel we’ve refined it each year to make it better and do [...]

“Should we hatch chicks again this year?”

It’s that time of year again.  My wife says, “Should we hatch chicks again this year?”  This is an opportunity she discovered over 10 years ago when our oldest was still in preschool.  Now she’s in high school and driving. But I have 4 daughters and the youngest has taken over the helm of the [...]

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13 Years and Counting: The Durvet March Madness Bus Is Rolling

Every year the Durvet gang and our friends begin a three-week trek across the country in the Durvet bus. Our mission: To reach the city hosting the NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four, which this year is in Phoenix. It’s a make-believe trip, in reality, but it’s a lot of fun in that many of our [...]

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Girl Scout Cookies a Big Hit at Durvet!

Girl Scout cookie season is in full swing and Durvet employees were more than happy to support the Girl Scouts' efforts! First-year Daisy Girl Scout Allie (daughter of Emily Garcia) visited the office in January and quickly filled up her order sheet! Durvet employees LOVE cookies and bought two wagonloads! Cookie delivery was hard work, [...]

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