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Product Spotlight: Healthy Calf

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Product Spotlight: Healthy Calf

New Look & Now Includes Durazyme Powder

Do you want an easy-to-use, all natural, non-medicated product designed to promote digestive health and supplement new calves These four (4) paste formulations provide an alternative therapy to help calves get off to a healthy start!

If you are looking for a product that can be mixed with water or milk replacer, Durazyme Powder is for you! It will provide the same benefits and is a more economical option on a calf basis.

Product Size: 28 counts (6 each) of all 4 natural pastes and 4 jars of Durazyme Powder 

Durvet’s Healthy Calf display contains four (4) all natural paste formulated products and one (1) powder formulation, designed to promote digestive health and supplement new calves. 

Prevent: Promote digestive health with DuraMate Paste
Support: Use DuraFense Paste – with functional proteins – as a colostrum supplement
Recover: Help eliminate toxins in the GI Tract with DuraLyte Calf
Maximum Strength: Use DuraZyme Paste – with high levels of egg-based proteins – in stressed or weak calves or at the first sign of scours
Durazyme Powder: Is designed for use in all newborn beef and dairy calves. Provides energy for calves to increase vigor and nursing action resulting in higher colostrum intake. Economical powder formulation can be mixed with water or milk replacer

When should you use the product? 
Pastes: When calves start showing symptoms
Durazyme Powder: Give one level scoop (5 gm) in water or milk replacer to calves to supplement colostrum immediately after birth.