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Who You Gonna Call?


Who You Gonna Call?

Kids from my generation and beyond are standing up and loudly proclaiming, “GHOSTBUSTERS!”  Unfortunately, Egon, Peter, and Ray aren’t going to run into your building with their Proton Packs saving the day when disaster strikes.

Being prepared is the Boy Scout motto.  And should be an adage business owners and principals follow, as well.

Do you have a plan in place before an adverse event occurs?  If you’ve never considered having an outside company readily available for the “what if” of a tornado, flood, hurricane, or even a major water leak inside the building, I encourage you and your staff to contact your liability insurance carrier to find a local disaster restoration company to have at your fingertips for the ‘what if’ of everyday life.

It’s like life insurance for your income statement.  There is no cost until you put them into action for you, so there is no financial impact to add to your budget, but the peace of mind is priceless.

The process begins with a Pre Event Agreement and coverage includes sending a Disaster Response Team when the need arises to address items such as Business Recovery, Water Extraction, Dehumidification, Generators, Mold/Mildew clean-up, as well as other much-needed items to keep your business up and running.

If you’re unsure about where to turn, you’re always welcome to contact Valarie at our office to help steer you down the road to disaster recovery success.

Valarie Paris

Valarie Paris

Controller | Financial Coach | Entrepreneur | Boy Scout & Softball Mom


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