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Product Spotlight: Kennel-Jec 2

//Product Spotlight: Kennel-Jec 2


Product Spotlight: Kennel-Jec 2

Are you a dog owner looking for a do-it-yourself vaccine to use at home? Do you run a Vet Clinic or Animal Shelter and are in need of an economical vaccination option?  Then Kennel-Jec 2 is the right choice for you!  Kennel-Jec 2 has no needles and is safe & effective!

Product size: Single dose with a nasal pipette

Recommended for puppies and dogs over 3 weeks of age.


  • Effective protection against Canine Cough -  a highly contagious respiratory disease among dogs.
  • Easy to use intranasal vaccine - give at home 
  • Meets or exceeds all USDA standards 

Do not vaccinate puppies under 3 weeks of age. Puppies vaccinated between 3-6 weeks of age should be revaccinated at 6 weeks.
Annual revaccination is recommended. Learn more on 

Here is a step by step Do-It-Yourself  video on "How to Give Intranasal Kennel-Jec":