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Product Spotlight: DuraFend

//Product Spotlight: DuraFend


Product Spotlight: DuraFend

Looking for a dewormer that can be used on a wide range of animals? Check out DuraFend!

DuraFend, type C medicated dewormer, that is indicated for the control and removal of worms in a broad range of animals. 

Product Sizes: 1 lb, 5 lb, 10 lb, and 25 lb 

  • Scoop included in 5lb, 10lb and 25lb sizes

Approved for use on beef and Dairy Cattle, Horses, Zoo and Wildlife Animals.


  • Ideal for the small backyard hobby farmer
  • Multi-species - can be used on a variety of animals (see label for species)
  • Easy to feed pellet form
  • Removes and controls a variety of worms including Lungworm, Stomach worms, and intestinal worms.
  • Use any time of year when animals are grazing on grass. 

Pellets may be top dressed or blended with feed.