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All Purpose Lubricant


All Purpose Lubricant is a ready-to-use lubricant that is non-spermicidal, non-greasy, and nonirritating. It is indicated for obstetrical work such as cleaning cows, delivering calves, lambs, piglets, or foals. It can also be used for vaginal and rectal examinations, and as a lubricant for catheters, enema nozzles,and stomach tubes.

For Use On

All animals


- Non-spermicidal

- Non-greasy and non-irritating

- Can be used on all animals


A bland aqueous lotion with methylparaben and propylparaben as preservatives.


Apply 7 to 10 mL to prewetted or dry glove, arm, or instruments. Distribute evenly. To prepare a bulk lubricant to aid in dry birth, add lubricant to two quarts of water until the desired viscosity is reached. Formulated to function even if water is not available.


Name Code Unit Size Case Size Case Weight
All Purpose Lubricant 7-45801-11406-7 Gal 4 36



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